Welcome to Art Gallery 64

…in Birkenfeld at the Nationalpark Hunsrück-Hochwald.

The gallery is in the historical center of Birkenfeld in a 300 year old building.

We have 200 m² exhibition space spread over 2 floors with an integrated cafe that
allows us to offer an innovative concept for presenting national and
international contemporary art.

The serene and meditative inner courtyard offers an additional 24 m² of space for sculptures and art installations.

We offer a platform for contemporary works for established and young artist in areas
ranging from visual arts, paintings and photography as well as new media art

Furthermore, the gallery is available for arts and cultural events encompassing

  • Readings
  • Workshops
  • Lectures
  • Theater performances
  • Open Mics
  • Vocal performances
  • Musical performances

Information for exhibitors

Past collaborations with

  • Stadt Birkenfeld
  • Verein für Heimatkunde im Landkreis Birkenfeld
  • Nationalpark Hunsrück-Hochwald
  • Bundestagsabgeordnete
  • Internationale Expertin zur Beendigung von Gewalt gegen Frauen
  • Women Across Boundaries
  • Maler Zang Haus Birkenfeld
  • Kunstverein obere Nahe e. V., Idar-Oberstein
  • Galerie Zeitgeist, Nürnberg
  • Atelierstrasse e. V., Idar-Oberstein
  • Künstlertreff Usedom
  • Frauen Hilfe Idar- Oberstein
  • Realschule plus Birkenfeld
  • Gymnasium Birkenfeld
  • Elisabeth Stiftung Birkenfeld
  • Freie Waldorfschule Saar-Hunsrück e.V.
  • Nordkunst Elmshorn
  • Wortspiel
  • Modern Music School
  • Pixelarbeiter GbR – Agentur für visuelle Kommunikation
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